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I am having a pdf designed in web block  inside that I am having list of images when I click on print in pdf preview the image is breaking how should I avoid this kind of page break issue and in what way should I handle the page preak so that it wont break any single images.

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 Which forge component you are using for  Generate PDF .

I am Not using any forge component the entire pdf is designed in a web block

Hi Rajeshree,

"The entire pdf is designed in a web block" doesn't make sense in OutSystems. OutSystems does not have any native PDF support, so if you are doing anything with a PDF, you need a Forge component, or some other component you created.

Thank you for your input earlier we were using ultimate pdf,we were trying some another approach but I guess we should proceed with ultimate pdf 



We also having trouble with ultimate pdf breaking pages, because this plugin will calculate the paper size with the content and will cut directly to new pages when already hit the paper size margin.

What we do is we're using different plugin (html2pdfconverter : https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/209/html2pdfconverter) and using screen as pages. so when we generating pdf, we create screens to fit 1 page  of the pdf, so there's no unwanted cutting in the pages.

hi! could you please explain more on how you are limiting the content of the screen to fit the page? Are you doing it on a dynamic content of a screen? I am also using html2pdfconverter and having trouble with images getting split between pages.



What we do is counting the height of the screen (when generating the screen dynamically) and split into new page when the height is already pass the specified number.

For images, we also still having the same problem like yours (still in progress)


Hi, can I know did you find the way to solve it? I'm encountering the same problem at the moment :)

Use this CSS in a container. 

page-break-before: always;

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