want to update outsystem platform(Paid)

Hi All

I  want to upgrade outsystems whole environment or platform (Paid environment) and that environment have multiple application deployed .Can you please explain all step and how to update  outsystems platform.

If I will update my service studio service center , lifetime portals than will have any  effect on my deployed application.

Note: please give me  relevant Idea.



Hey Mansur,

I suggest to take a look over the official documentation: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Setup_and_maintain_your_OutSystems_infrastructure/Upgrade_OutSystems_platform

If you're using a Cloud version of the platform, you can simply request a platform upgrade from the OutSystems team by opening a support ticket.

Also, very important from what version you are trying to upgrade, because you need to take into account the possible impact this upgrade might have on your platform: for example upgrading from OutSystems 10 to OutSystems 11 there are some breaking changes: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Release_Notes/11/OutSystems_11_side_effects_and_breaking_changes

Hope this helps,


hi @Bogdan Boglea 

 I want to upgrade minor (from OutSystems 11.3 to Latest one) and its is a on-permise environment(Paid)

Can you please send whole step




Hey Mansur,

In the first link I sent you there's a section for on-premise upgrade steps

I suggest you follow the steps provided there.

Hi @Bogdan Boglea 

 I want to upgrade minor (from OutSystems 11.3 to Latest one). I will have to update lifetime portals also or not???

LifeTime upgrade is done separately, but I suggest yes, you should also upgrade LifeTime to latest version especially since you're planning a platform upgrade in the same time.

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