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We are getting "Registered role required" Error on page refresh after session Expiry(set at API End), where the user Redirects to the Login page.

In the mean time the Existing Data Actions From Each block inside the Screens are triggering the same error!(Tons of logs)
note: we are logging all the users using Impersonate Login with the same registered(Admin)Role once met with authentication requirements(REST API) .

Tried placing Exception handlers(Not Registered--Log error-No ,Abort Transaction-No) in the Data Action Flow, Common Exception Handler flow and Main Flow Handler as well.

If you are wanting "registered users" only, this is handled in the screen details as well as assignments in LifeTime. If you DO NOT want registered users only, you can select "Anonymous users" in the screen assignments.


Lifetime has nothing to do with this!

Hi daniel,

Great to have you in this conversation...kindly help me with some way out to prevent this error...tons of logs on prod.


That is simply wrong information,
In Lifetime you can only manage IT Users in the User tabs, these IT Users and roles have nothing to do with roles of EndUsers who use Outsystems applications!


I don't think you provide enough information to help, and I guess the way you want multiple users to login with the same account might be related to it. Maybe this post is related to your issue:

Hi Daniel,

After Session Timeout, Debugger flow is reaching the Exception Handler(Security Exception--Both Invalid and registered role Required getting logged) even if it is set to log error-no, Redirected to Login Screen.

Kindly Suggest if this is at the Support Ticket level, or can be Handled at our End.

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