Migration from On Prem to OutSystems cloud

We are planning for a migration from on premise environment to OutSystems cloud. 

We have a mobile application which is already live in production, so the plan is to setup the environment and once everything is ready, we will bring the application offline and perform data migration process. Once the data migration is completed, we will bring the application back online, ending the down time. 

However, we are not sure if it would be required as part of the migration steps to generate a new build for the mobile application on the new environment (OutSystems cloud). Or, will ensuring the DNS points to the OutSystems cloud ensure the existing mobile application continue to operate as usual?

Appreciate any inputs regarding this, thank you!



This is what my opinion for this, CMIIW.

If you migrate from on Prem to Outsystems cloud, as long as the DNS to access the platform server is the same, the current app should be still working (should be, but I cannot confirm this)

But I think you should rebuild the mobile apps and re-submit it to the store, the reason for this, the mobile apps can have different version, because the platform is migrated (the only exception if you bring the entire database from on Prem to the cloud, which is usually unlikely, only important data, and leaving logs and etc. behind).

So for temporary, you should be able to use the existing mobile app, but better after that, regenerate mobile apps and re-submit to the store.



I also recommend that you reach out to your TSM if you have one assigned. If you don't, you can always contact support to get a more detailed analysis of your app(s).


Thanks both for your input! We are raising a support ticket to confirm on this as well. 

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