Module count and module bifarcation according to best practices

Hi everyone,

My application design  includes-

entity files, exposed Api stored in appname_CS

Consumed API's stored in appname_Lib

UI interface files like table,button redirections/actions stored in appname_Pat.

so i have a module count of three as of now 

a) My question includes in which modules ideally, should i be defining the  registered and custom(Auditor/Sme) roles of users (appname_??) 

b) admin role(Administrator) defined in module (appname_??)

c)Server actions corresponding to consumed Api/ Server actions in general  (appname_??)

Also, if anyone can review the already bifarcated modules according to the best practices that would be really helpful.


A. For custom roles module (appname_CS) as it is still a core module but put is on a separate app so you can handle all user related things there

B. For Admin role, same just put is on the appname_CS(e.g User_CS)

C. For consumed API you should use (appname_IS) this is where you normalize the consume API to server actions, when using it, you can either expose the server action and consume it on appname_CS or appname_BL. When you expose an API to external consumer, you can use appname_API

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