There is some duplicate entities but i cant found it

Before this, I accidentally delete my module that contained the "Staff" entities. After that, I create a new module and want to name the entities "Staff" but the issue is when I want to name it "Staff", it will appear as "Staff2" meaning that there is some issue or duplication of entities somewhere else. And fyi, I use my "Staff Module" as a dependency on another module in my apps. 

Screenshot 2022-05-12 110818.png

Hello shahrir,

First publish as it is. In manage dependency first check there is only one respective entity and at module level try to remove unused dependency. 

May be this will helps you 

Thanks and regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Hello Aksyay,

I've done checking it multiple times already as you suggest. But still, the same result as I cannot name it to "Staff" entities. I dont know if the problems lie in the "Staff" module itself or what else. And I check throughout my apps whether there are entities named "Staff" but there is none.  

Could you please check that you don't have any structure, site property with name staff. If there is any site property, structure, local entity with same name then in entity it will show Staff2.

Also from any dependency you are getting Staff name already, it can be any entity, variable anything.



Hi Shahrir,

The only reason that a newly created module, that doesn't have any references, would not allow something to be called "Staff" would be if something else inside that module is already named "Staff". You could use "Remove Unused Dependencies" from the "Module" menu to make sure there's no references that you don't use.

Since OutSystems actually allows modules to have Entities with the same names, another module also having a "Staff" entity (whether that module's deleted or not) should not cause the behaviour you are experiencing.

You could also try to check the Espace_References System Entity, and search for "Staff" in there, to see what could cause the duplicate name problem.

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