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How to insert multiple Records of static entity  into single column of entity and how to show in table ?

Suppose i have static entity with records -C#,Sql, Java, F#

these four records id i need in my employee entity column and show in comma seperated into single column of table .

Refer attached screenshot -output


When you insert this, this will just be text, as I understand, you need to save those to a single column, just go to Manage Dependencies, search "text" then use "string_build" this will need a list input, then it will generate a string base on the list, you can set what will be the separator. I'm not sure why do you need to do it like that, as you can use a junction table to create a many to many relationship.

Hi Sangam,

Store the data as per your database diagram and while display use SQL widget to write custom query to display comma separated values . Please refer below post

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Hi Sangam.

U can store the multiple id's in a single column if you make use of JSON Serialize Please Refer below link

Hi Sangam,

To store multiple static values in your Employee entity, you have to create column with 'text' type and to store it, just add all static values like this : Entities.Expertise.C# + "," + Entities.Expertise.CSS  etc. Now you can directly show this text data into your screen table.


Hi Sangam,

The way you are saving the data is correct only, while displaying the data you can write the below SQL query to fetch the data of Employee along with comma-separated expertise.


Note - You need to create the structure something like this to get output from the SQL query.


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