Popover menu adds custom transform: translationX


Yesterday I started using the popover component for a reactive application. However, when using it, I saw a strange thing happening in terms of CSS. An element style is added to do a transform. I already tried to make a custom class (custom-popover), but as you can see, the element style has a higher preference. I can not find this transform: "translateX(-50%);" anywhere in the code. Does somebody know how to fix this? 

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tyler,

I found a forum thread that mentions that class: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/59429/popover-menu-widget/

Maybe you'll need to add !important to your css, although it's not a best practice.

Hope this helps!

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your response. This works indeed, however as you say as well, it is not really best practice. For now I can use it, but I am still curious where that random element style comes from haha

I'm curious too ahaha

Please, let me know if you find your answer!

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