Amazon EFS in Outsystems

There is a VPC in AWS, EFS can be only accessed from that VPC. We need to know how to achieve it in our Outsystems Platform to retrieve the data's available in the EFS to our outsystem Application, From our Understanding to achieve this, that Outsystem will need some kind of tunnel of vpn to that vpc to access the EFS File System in the Amazon AWS, And Even after the tunnel is been established, How will the Files will be retrieved From the EFS in the Amazon(AWS)  to Outsystems? , Whether it will be of an Extension.


i think it would mean to create some sort of rest service (custom code) on the vpc (which mounts the efs) exposing the binary files of the mount point. 

I would go for a sync and sync the efs files to an s3 bucket. See here for details Use DataSync to transfer data from Amazon EFS to Amazon S3 . You can then use the offical forge components to access the bucket.



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