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Service Studio Version
11.14.16 (Build 60354)

How can I change primary color of espace since I don't see the open Theme editor option and if I double click on the theme name I see the stylesheet read only?

Hi Filipe Lourenço,

I have attached image, you can change primary color of application.


Yes if I had the open theme editor option available

Your default theme needs to be the one from outsystemsUI to you to be able to open the theme editor.

My theme is this one

But the base theme of the default theme is OutSystemsUI, if you have that dependency is possible to open theme editor

but if you want to change the primary color you can simply add to your theme.

    --color-primary:"the color you want";



"Your default theme needs to be the one from outsystemsUI to you to be able to open the theme editor. "

Ok, I understand why doesn't appear the option to change and yes I can override that but where this code comes from?


Is because you have styles applied to the theme editor, try to reset the styles in the theme editor and that tab will be removed.

PS: To reset the styles, you need to have some reference to OutSystemsUI in case you don't have now.



Sooo, you need to make the reference again and once you have that reference you will be able to remove that theme...

Look at the /steps pictures below:

My base theme is now LSGTheme

And if I click on theme I will see the theme editor and I dont have any references to the OutSystemsUI

That's why I said to get the OutSystemsUI references and put as the base theme the OutSystemsUI

Step by step:

Change the base theme of the app theme to OutSystemsUI

Open theme editor and click reset styles

Return the base theme to the old theme that was selected

Right-click on the mouse in the OutSystemsUI theme and select delete just to remove dependencies

Open again the theme and you will see that the theme editor was removed.

It's the same thing for OutSystemsUIWeb!! Instead of OutSystemsUI is OutSystemsUIWeb.



Hi Filipe,

One of the simplest ways to change the primary color of a module is to simply click on the top theme Editor, as shown in the image below. This will launch the theme editor.

You can also change the primary color of a module from here.

Note: Only when you are on the Interface tab and have opened any of the screens in the main area will you see the Theme Editor option.

It is traditional web app so I don't have OutsystemsUi Theme available

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