QR Code and Barcode plugins in Reactive Mobile App to share tasks with different user


I am looking to build an app to manage tasks and share between users using QR codes.

I am using the:

QR Code Reactive Plugin

Barcode Plugin

My process on a reactive app (Task management tool) is to 

1. Open add a new task

2. either user fills in details or uses barcode scanner plugin to scan QR code (Task from another user)

3. scanning QR code fills in information for user by calling a server action at the event (Also adds attachments if possible)

4. adds task to users timeline/homepage

5. Each Task has QR code containing the task information

Not sure how to get it working in regards to the logic flow of the barcode scanners event

Not sure how to have QR code contain all the task information

Hi Ryan,

I would suggest creating a screen action that is triggered when you want the user to open the camera (e.g. when clicking a button) and looks something like this:

This will check if the Barcode Plugin is available, open the camera and after a barcode is scanned, trigger the CameraScan event. Then in the action that you use as handler for the CameraScan event you can use an aggregate to look up the corresponding task record based on the barcode that was scanned. 

As for the QR code information: all the information you need to have in there is some sort of unique identifier that corresponds to the task record in your database. This can be as simple as the record id that OutSystems automatically generates (in that case, the filter in your aggregate should look something like Task.Id = ScanBarcode.ScanResult).

Kind regards,

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks very much for the advice and I will attempt this now, much appreciated.

Best Regards,


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