html element - iframe for video display

Hi Team,


I'm trying to add youtube video to the home screen. So I'm using html element widget and tag iframe and add source, height and width. But when run the page I will get below error message.


I will add video as local resource in data layer. But I have no idea to execute further. Please advice


Check this asset with some examples of how to show a video in your iframe for all use cases.

ps: That asset on the forge is just a demonstration where you can have a look at how to do it.

"Sample application to demonstrate the implementation of playing (External/YouTube) video using IFrame and Video UI Control in the Reactive Web Application"



Hi Márcio,

Thanks for your reply. The above mentioned link is very useful. Now, I'm able to upload the video in home screen and its working. Thanks a lot.

Hello @Sarvigaa Arivalagan 

In the source of video you have to use youtube embedded video link.


when you run the application video will be displayed.



Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for your reply. I'm looking for display the video in reactive app. But the above mentioned link is related to something else. Now I'm done.

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