Best practice for my startup project?

Hello there

I'm new to Outsystems and enthousiastic to finally start my own long anticipated project. I'm using the free version since it's a non-profit project to help people with chronic illness find hope for healing.

I'm looking for more experienced users to put me on the right path to what would be best practice for what I would like to achieve:

- I want to create two apps based on the same database and with similar functionality (the downloadable app might get extra bonus functions). Both will be accessible to the wide public. There will be no, or just a few registered users.

  1. a web based app that intelligently adapts to the screen sizes of mobile, tablets or computers
  2. a downloadable app for mobile only (publicly, through apple's and androids app stores)

- The central database should be very easy to expand and update. Changes should be immediately delivered to users who are online. So no weird reloading of a spreadsheet into the Service Studio every time I change a typo in an attribute somewhere. There would be multiple small changes per day. This database is alive and kicking! I'm building it from scratch. I know there is a way to change entities in Service Studio directly, but perhaps there is even a more user-friendly way. Types of frequent updates:

  1. Updates with extra entities 
  2. Updates with extra attributes, list items... that should apply to all entities, even though these attributes will be empty for a while, the overall make-up of the database will grow with new insights over time.

- The overall idea is that users can easily filter and search through one big database to look at a neat overview of entity cards that would be of interest to them. Clicking on an entity card shows more details and offers some interaction (either linking to an outside URL or ideally having a media player embedded in the app that can play from sources as YouTube, Vimeo, Anchor...). 

- The main sections (sorry if that is not the technically correct word) in the app could look something like this:

  1. introductory section that offers some text, an overview of charts (based on all data), the latest new entities...
  2. section with extensive filtering options
  3. section displaying the entity cards that were filtered out, with additional sorting options
  4. section displaying some charts, that are also responsive to the filters that were chosen by the user
  5. form to send in new entities (to be approved, rejected or adjusted by an admin)

- The base of the website should also be built with a free of charge platform to keep the financial burden on me as low as possible. I can put in a lot of time, but not much money, I don't want to charge my end users. Wordpress perhaps. Do you have suggestions how I can best support the app for functioning smoothly in all kinds of webbrowsers?
(Or is there a possibility to only have Outsystems as a platform, once I have a domain name and web host?)

To be clear, my overall question is: what is the best practice basic setup to achieve the above? 

  1. type of apps to create in OS (or a single app that performs web-based ànd downloadable perhaps)
  2. type of database to create and how to integrate it in OS
  3. how to best integrate the app in a website
  4. And, what is the best template to learn from?
  5. To be sure: is working with Outsystems the right choice for me?

I don't have experience yet with creating apps, only some experience with simple code and website building. But I have a civil engineering background, am good with software and am confident that I'm able to learn with time and effort. 

Thanks a lot for helping out with getting me started on the right foot! In the meanwhile I continue with the OS lessons, but it would help to know what to look out for specifically!


Hi IngeS, 

It's great you are involved in such initiative!

Regarding getting that OutSystems knowledge that will help you accomplish your goals, I would advise you to take the OutSystems learning paths that are available for free. You will learn how to design your applications according to the best practices and all those questions you currently have will be answered there.

Since you are aiming for web and a mobile applications, I suggest you start with the Becoming a Mobile Developer Guided Path - Training | OutSystems and then eventually complement it with the Becoming a Reactive Web Developer Guided Path - Training | OutSystems.

After going through these courses I am sure you will be able to put together great applications and in case you have specific questions, you can always come to the forum and ask!

Best of luck!


Hi Inges,

Please go through below course


Shashikant Shukla

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