On Change don't run in Firefox or Chrome

On Change don't run in Firefox or Chrome

I have a combo box with the "on change " configured to rub an action.
This action will run a query get data and put it in an expression.
problem: this runs Ok in IE 8 and 9, but does not run in firefox or chrome.
i had try a debug and find that in firefox and chrome when i change the value of the combo box i don't get the action, in other words it does assume the "on change".
I have re-created the combo box and get the same.
Any one can help me to find a solution
Hi Nuno,

I tried to replicate this but It works fine for me.
what version of service studio / center do you have?

You can use firefox ( will need firebug) or chrome to check if there are any javascript errors in the page.
this will allow you to check if the on change is realy associated with the combo box or not.

Carlos Rocha
It's associeted with the combo,  is running fine on IE.

service studio:

using chrome i can't see any error on scripts.

Hi Nuno,

Is there an example eSpace that you can provide with the problem?
I remember some javacript problems in the past with onchange on combos some months ago. So your version should be ok.

If you could provide an eSpace or a link to site with the problem would be nice.
If not, I recomend you to contact the Outsystems Support.

João Rosado
Problem solved:

The Type definition was  missing in the WebBlock Script that adds a hidden Input Box to accommodate the Input mask in other  field.

(   node.type = text; // new Line that was missing )
New Script___________________________________________________

function AddCurrencyField(obj) {
    //var node = obj.cloneNode(false);
    var node = document.createElement('INPUT');
    var id = (new Date()).getTime();
    node.id = obj.id + '_ciw'; //unique ID
    node.name = node.id;
    node.type = text; // new Line that was missing