[DB Cleaner on Steroids] Error deleting emails (timer)
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In the logging we now get this error every day the timer runs.

Error executing query. Error in advanced query DeleteEmails in DeleteAllEmails in DBCleanerOnSteroids (DELETE       {Sent_Email}  FROM       {Sent_Email}        LEFT  JOIN {Email_Content}    ON {Email_Content}.[Id] = {Sent_Email}.[Id]  INNER JOIN {Email_Definition} ON {Sent_Email}.[Email_Definition_Id] = {Email_Definition}.[Id]  INNER JOIN {Espace}           ON {Email_Definition}.[Espace_Id] = {Espace}.[Id]    WHERE      {Sent_Email}.[Created] < @OlderThan): ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended 

We use oracle.

Kind regards,

Johan den Ouden

Hi Johan den Ouden,

Thanks for reporting that, I'll take a look and will inform about the fix.


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