automatically generating barcodes on pdf's

hi everyone ,wow i am really amazed  with lots of impressive stuff that has been done so far in this community and i think i have some catching up to do.well, i am currently working on an e -registration portal and i am trying to implement a function ,after a candidate fil the registration form and onclick of the submit buton two things happen submition of info to database(which i ve already done) and secondly it pops the canndidate info in a pop up screen in pdf format and automatically assign/genrate  a barcode to the candidate.i have been worlking with the htmltopdf component have managed to do the conversion to pdf but i can automatically generate barcode labels on pdf.i have written a piece of code in visual studio for it /its working but i cant get it to work on the agile is a code snippet :

string sWorkPath = "";
            sWorkPath = this.Context.Server.MapPath("");

            // Get the Requested code to be created.
            string Code = Request["code"].ToString();

            // Multiply the lenght of the code by 40 (just to have enough width)
            int w = Code.Length * 40;

           // int w = Code.Length * 25;

            // Create a bitmap object of the width that we calculated and height of 100
            Bitmap oBitmap = new Bitmap(w, 100);

            // then create a Graphic object for the bitmap we just created.
            Graphics oGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(oBitmap);

            // Now create a Font object for the Barcode Font
            // (in this case the IDAutomationHC39M) of 18 point size
            //Font oFont = new Font("IDAutomationHC39M_FREE.otf", 18);

            PrivateFontCollection fnts = new PrivateFontCollection();
            fnts.AddFontFile(sWorkPath + @"\IDAutomationHC39M.ttf");
            FontFamily fntfam = new FontFamily("IDAutomationHC39M", fnts);
            Font oFont = new Font(fntfam, 18);
            //Font oFont = new Font(fntfam, 16);

            // Let's create the Point and Brushes for the barcode
            PointF oPoint = new PointF(2f, 2f);
            SolidBrush oBrushWrite = new SolidBrush(Color.Black);
            SolidBrush oBrush = new SolidBrush(Color.White);

            // Now lets create the actual barcode image
            // with a rectangle filled with white color
            oGraphics.FillRectangle(oBrush, 0, 0, w , 100);

            // We have to put prefix and sufix of an asterisk (*),
            // in order to be a valid barcode
            oGraphics.DrawString("*" + Code + "*", oFont, oBrushWrite, oPoint);

            // Then we send the Graphics with the actual barcode
            Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg";
            oBitmap.Save(Response.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

any help will be appreciated
Hello Tmlewin,  

  Why don´t you use the ITextSharp to generate the PDF with the barcode. This library is free and has many barcode generator types.

  Link with an example of creating a PDF with multiple Barcodes.

Best Regards,
André Pereira
Have you visited Googles dynamic QR-tag generator tools (This generatesQR Tag images)
I've used this in an MS-Word mailmerge document but can also be used in webpages or any other way


ZXing generator
thank you all for your help.have just downloaded(have been kind of busy,sorry 4 the late reply)itext.will keep you guys posted on how it goes