mobile search with UTF-8 characters not working (æøå)
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I cannot search for words which contains the "æ, ø, å" letters from the UTF-8 Charset with a "like" statement on client site for a mobile app.

I am doing the following: 

I got at local aggregate that displays a list of items. Each item has a item description. These descriptions are using characters from the UTF-8 charset.  (æøå) 

The filter of the aggregate looks like this: 

LocalItem.ItemDescription like "%" + Search + "%"

Lets sat i have a description called: "MINIRAL MASKE TIL MÆND", and i search on "MÆND" then it will not bring any results.  When i do the same search on server side from service studio I get the desired result.

It seems to me that the local storage are using a different Charset then on the server side? 

Any idea of what i might be doing wrong ? 

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