How do I set a default value to the result of a SELECT query?

I've created an advanced query and successfuly had it populate a structure on a web page.  I would like that table to have the same look, feel, and functionality as an entity dragged from Data section.  I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the Boolean structure that is created for the check boxes that are used for the Delete command.  I can drag a Boolean structure to the Advanced Query, but I don't know how to populate it with a default "false" value.

If I simply drag it to the Advanced Query and test it, I get:  Error in advanced query GetApplicationsByMachineID:  Could not assign " to 'Boolean.Value'... Index was outside the bounds of the array.



Hi Craig,

just add ",0" to the beginning or end of your select list (depends on the Output structures order in the query)

SELECT Table1.*, 0
SELECT 0, Table1.*
Antonio, for at least 45 minutes today, you are my total hero.  

Thank you!
Hi Craig,

Antonio told you how to do it, just for your iinformation if you want to add a default value to a column filled from a table you can use the function COALESCE

select COALESCE ({entity}.[atribute], 0) from {entity}

if you want to know more about coalesce function chek this

Carlos Rocha