How to find when user logins different IP address when there is a valid session
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I want to log when a user login in a application through different IP address, when user already a valid session with another IP address.

Eg: If I login with user abc with xyz address and when same user abc logins into application with different IP address then, I need to capture it.

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You can use GetIP action of HttpRequestHandler to get the IP address of a user . You can extend the User entity and can store the current IP address . and if the user try's to login from different IP then check the last login and the IP address if different than capture.

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Have a field for the IP address on the user extended properties entity(you have to create yourself) and record the last IP that the User logged in. If you want to have a log history, you need to have a third entity that records various ips for the user instead of having just the user extended properties entity. In this third entity, you will have the id of the extended properties entity and the user id from the User entity and the IP field.

Then you can get the IP using the GetIp, check the below post to see how to get the IP.

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