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Hi all,

I am working on live chat functionality and I have checked some applications on Forge like Shoutout and In-Application-Chat, and  along with that I have seen some other posts as well, but since now Firebase is updated and some other input  attributes are  added to it which are mandatory, I did RND on it and figure it out.
Some of the things are unclear to me, I am attaching some snapshots ,

What does it actually do and which value I have to pass here.

Que 2 - When I have generated private key while configuring fire base
I have the Json file   in which I have a Private key which start from

private_key :"----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY - ----------\nMIIfefefefefefefefefefefsfsgbybBUYGWYUG\nNsdnvsdnv\n---------END PRIVATE KEY-------------\n"

Something like this I have to use this In one of my input parameter to Generate Tokens , So I want to know , I have to copy the whole key  text starting from (--- Begin) orwhich part It also have \n in between this key, so which part is needed here 

It will be a pleasure if someone help.




Target Identifier can be anything you can pass a string or whatever suits according to your requirement, you can recognize it in your Realtime database,

You have to pass the full private key present inside double quotes, that will work.

I hope this will help


Tousif Khan

Johny William

Thanks It worked

Hi Tousif, I'm looking into setting this up myself and I have similar questions.

1. I noted that you said I can put anything into the Target Identifier field. Will this be reflected in the Realtime Database section of Firebase? Or do I have to set it up in Firebase first and then put it in?

2. When you mention the full private key, does that include "----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY" and "---END PRIVATE KEY---"?


Yes this —

----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY - ----------\nMIIfefefefefefefefefefefsfsgbybBUYGWYUG\nNsdnvsdnv\n---------END PRIVATE KEY-------------\n

Thanks Tousif, I got it working and can see a sample message appearing in my Firebase database through the FirebaseDemo module. I have one problem though: the messages I'm sending in the demo aren't appearing in real time. I opened two instances with two different users, and the messages are only appearing for the user sending them. I have to refresh the screen for the other user to see them. Clearly the point of Firebase is so that they appear in real time for both users, so do you know how I can fix this?

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