Publish Mobile app in browser shows a place maker login screen
Application Type

I have just started using outsystems and have created a simple app with login/sign up and profile. when I try to publish my app is shows a Login screen which I have not created showing the App file name rather than what I have entered. 

This first image is the login screen I have created. 

The second image is that of the published preview. 

could anyone advise on how to get my app published or if I have done something wrong.

Im new at this so if anyone could help that would be great I have also added my OML file. 


If i understand your question, the expression is taking the application name and not Ben's bodies. In the value you should put "Ben's bodies" instead of GetEntryEspaceName()

Check the OML

Let me know if thats it what you want or what youa re looking for.




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