[Reset Password Flow] Having a Problem in adding (How to reset Password flow) inside (how to User Sign Up)
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Forge component by Jon Sullivan

Dear All
I'm Customizing the (How User Sign Up ) app at My side & wants to add the Reset Password Functionality to it.
Have tried many times to add it as dependency but it can't be shown.
I found here some discussions to make it from scratch but the (reset password flow) functionality is perfect with all email services, so Is there a way to save time & just add the functionality

Appreciating your help.


Hi Meriam,

Are you trying to add this to a reactive or traditional app? Could you also please post a screenshot of what you see when you open your 'manage dependencies' pop-up window to reference this module?

Hi Jon
Thanks for replying
I installed the HowtoUserSignUP & customized in, (from the icon it seems to be Traditional App)
& this what appears to me

then nothing is added

Hi Meriam,

That sounds be the issue then, you unfortunately cannot reference screens or blocks between reactive and traditional apps since they use a different underlying technology. 

Hello Meriam

You can use other components like Reset Password Flow, that are reactive.

When searching on forge you can filter by the type you want:

Hope this information helps,

Kind Regards

Hi Francisco
Already i want to use the (Reset password Flow).
but can't find any thing Reactive like (How User Sign Up )  app fully functioning to Integrate Into.

Do you know Any? if you can suggest Names
Or it's better to make a Blank reactive App & add staff.
Note also, many of the forge apps write not compatible for my environment, although it's new one
any ideas to update it  or make it compatible?


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