[Ultimate PDF] Ultimate PDF requests with Load Balancer
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Hi all,

We are facing an issue in our Production environment while using the PrintToPDF_Advanced action to generate the pdf based on an internal page defined with the PrintLayout\ScreenToPDF has root node.

Presently when we try to generate the pdf we do not get any error in service studio but only a full blank page. Our dynamic URL for the pdf generation is created based on the EntrySpaceName() + The template page created however the production environment has a different architecture that we think that might be causing this issue. In the remaining environments (dev, tst...) everything is working as expected. 

The production environment processes his requests through a load balancer and splits them in two servers but none of them allows direct requests. If you try to use the LB DNS it does not work either.

Did you get through this behaviour before?

Thank you,

André Pedra

This is the error that I'm getting in the log file generated by Ultimate_PDF: 

[0601/132846.013:ERROR:ssl_client_socket_impl.cc(996)] handshake failed; returned -1, SSL error code 1, net_error -202

Have you considered using localhost as a servername.

So this:  http://localhost/module_name/page 

in stead of https://servername/module_name/page ?

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