how to get data form a input field in local variable ?

how can i get user inputed data in a local variable

Hi Pratik,

You can create a local variable on your screen

Then, drag an input to the screen

And in your input select your local variable

(you can also use the New Local Variable option that will automatically create the local var)

Then, everything the user writes in the input will be associated to the local variable,

Hope this helps,


Hi Pratik,

I have added oml file please check.


Vipin Yadav


Hi Pratik,

You can simply create one local variable. And one textbox in screen.

Then if you click on textbox you can check property at your right side. There you can find property variable just assign that local variable there.

Then each time you enter someting in textbox value will get assing to that local variable.

Hope that will solve your concern


Amit Jirange


you can add local variable to your input field in property->variable : your variable.

So you will get direct input value into your variable



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