adding a new attribute or changing the data type is throwing database error

Hi Team,

I need to change the data type of one of the entities from long integer to text and also add one  more new attribute but while trying to do so.. it is throwing database error. Could anyone please confirm what should be the necessary steps to accomplish  above case

Hello Saif ,

Adding an attribute should not be a problem, changing the data type of one in the other hand can be tricky because you already have records with the field set to long integer.

One option is to add a new field set to text , copy the information for the original field and discontinue the original going forward.

If you have some way to restore or quickly upload the information you currently have you can simply copy the entity , delete it , change the fields necessary and then restore the information.

In any case I would suggest using a component like this one to clean up you database afterwards.

 Hope it helps !

Paulo Rosário

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