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Hi Everyone , I am having an issue when loading one of the page on the application , when I check on Service Center the message is "Request timed out" see the image . I cannot debug because this is happening in the production environment , any idea how to resolve this ?  


Screenshot (96).png

Generally we get request timeout error when there is no response in time. Could you please provide complete log details from service center.

There may be many reasons of this error, like there is an API which is not responding or some service / data actions from which not getting result in time, or any error in some SQL query. So it depends on the logic you have implemented on this page.

As getting error only for one page, so I guess you should check logic implemented on this screen. Also check all server actions, service actions, api, sql processing time in service center.


Hi @Thizwilondi Malupa  , we have come across this issue when an API doesn't return response before the defined timeout period . It's default value is 100 seconds. Maybe in service center you can check under Integrations logs if any API duration is more than timeout period.

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