how to push the data through an api in application

Hi Everyone,

Working on aws integration. need to know how to push the data through apis into outsystems application. or how to test if the data is being pushed successfully in outsystems  through api url.


Hi Saif,

What do you mean with "push data through APIs"? Have you checked OutSystems REST integration capabilities? Since you are working on AWS integration, have you checked the Forge for ready-made AWS assets?

Hi Killian,

Thank you for Swift reply 

I am working on getting the data from aws mysql rds. i have built rest api's to get them but i need to check if the api's are working properly or not..

but since my api gateway of aws is not ready yet, is there an alternate method on how to check if the api's are working properly or not ?

i was thinking to send the data in Json format through postman... but i am not sure if its the right way to go about it .


Hi Saif,

If AWS is not ready yet, you could always build a mock service in OutSystems to connect your implementation to. You can then at least check whether all data is sent as expected.

Hi Saif,

Take below actions - 

  1. AWS Lambda(Support the multiple technology)  & API Gateway.
  2. Create rest api using the python , nodejs , java , dot net and deploy on EC2.
  3. Test with postman in your laptop/desktop then try outsystems.
  4. Allow access on public for test / Allow the access to outsystems subnet privately.



Hi Shahji,

Could you please help wih a demo..

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