Rich widget Multilingual

Rich widget Multilingual


Does anyone knows how do I use the rich widget pt language in my eSpace 'ApplicationTest'?
What do I have to do to that in the screens that use a widget like 'list navigation' it appears in portuguese based in the translation in the rich widget eSpace?

João Martins
Hi João,
There is an action  SetCurrentLocale, that allow you set the language that you want use in the application.
I did a small sample using buttons (but you can use after the login or in the header) to choose the language and the translation in the richwidget eSpace was changed to the language that I choosed.
Take a look in the eSpace in attachment.
The result was the following:




Let us know if it is what you want achieve.
Nelson Baptista
Hi Nelson,

Thanks a lot for answer and for the example!
That solved my problem, I added the action to the preparation of the master page and now all the screens that use the rich widgets will be in portuguese!

Beste regrats,

I'm new on the platform, and I'm making a demo so I can test the potential of Outsystems, so my questions sometimes may be a bit out of the context, or even too simple to be true.
And about automatic recognition of the language?
Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Francisco,

There are multiple ways to make it "more" automatic.
The most frequent ways I can think are:
  • Based on access urls (see the SEO Urls feature)
  • Based on request headers. You can use the method "GetUserLanguages" from the HTTPRequestHandler extension to get that on the OnSession start and set the locale based on it.
  • Or based on the Geo Ip location (there are a couple solutions in the Network for that)
Just make sure the locale you set is valid and you have translations for it set on the eSpace. Otherwise they will appear in english (or any other language your eSpace is written with).

For example RichWidgets is only currently translated to English, Dutch and Portuguese.
So if you set the locale to spanish, widgets from RichWidgets will still display in English.

João Rosado