How can I display and save data from database ?

How can I save data in database  which was inputed in text field and retirve data from database so that I can show it in an expression . I have MySql database . 

Hey @Pratik Giri ,

To save data you have the entity actions (create, update, and create or update), and to retrieve you have the aggregates and SQL queries. Is this what you're looking for?

You just need to assign the text input to a field on your entity and use one of the save actions. To get it, you get it from the aggregates/sql queries.

Or are you talking about an external database?


Hi @Laura Fidalgo .    I have a external  MySql database hosted on cloud  .

Hi I was able to intergrate with external DB but I am reciving the following warning 

also can I make CURD server operations with it too ? . while integrating with external database . I remember when I imported excel it created aggregate and curd operations too . like create, read, update, delete

Screenshot (335).png

Hi Pratik,

Read this discussion.

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