Best practices for using Web Flows

I've got an application that is getting difficult to follow visually.  Should I be grouping things like Applications, Products, and such into separate web flows and reference them that way?  Are there any scalability or performance issues associated with using additional web flows?

Hi Craig,
you absolutly should separate the screen in several web flows, there are no performnce impact but at the service studio level it will be a lot more easier to understand and allows you to keep your screens organized by some sort of category.
for example:
ConfigurationFlow- to group screens where configurations are made
Application flow - where you place screens associated with applicaton and probably application installation (this depends on you)

this will make your flows a lot more easier to understand and locate some screen.

Carlos Rocha
Personally, I find the Web Flow view of little value, but I do find Web Flows to be a useful organizational unit. The problem is, most "flows" only logically have 3 - 5 screens (at most!) in them, why bother separating that?

Agreed with Justin.

Furthermore the visual webflow is more of a burden than an asset for me, because I rarely look at them, only to fix some warnings.
Perhaps I did not see the benefit of the visualization yet.
Hi all,

First of all I think web flows lay-out is kind of personal. I don't look much in it, but I do have it nice and organised.

1) First of all split the webflow in more flows, I use kind of grouping in a web flow so all screens related to each other are in the same flow.
2) You can use the "is frequent destination" property of a screen for the screens where much links are to (looking at you flow Product_Show and Application_Show) should be a freaquent destination). If this property is set for that screen, all the arrows to that screen aren't needed (and can be removed) this will 'clean' your flow a lot.

I order my webFlows with the prospect that if a new colleages come he can look at the webscreen flow to be able to see the overview of the screens very quickly. On this way he should be able to see whats related and how it's put together. An example of a webFlow I'm using:

Kind regards,

Hi Craig,

There is also a nice feature called "Frequent Destination". If you set a screen to "Frequent Destination" you don't need to have arrows pointing to it.
I see for example that almost all List Screens point to Application_Show screen. So if Application_Show and MachineGroup_Show are set as Frequent destination you can clean up it a little bit.

Using multiple flows is also recomended, without any performance impact.
But in your case all those Lists and Shows looks pretty much connected and separating them through Flows wouldn't help much.

João Rosado