Retrieve username with assigned list of roles
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How to retrieve username with assigned list of roles and also update? 


Hi Priya,

For the mentioned use case, you will have to use User_Effective_Role entity 

or Join User and User_Role system entity from the System module. To update i.e. Grant/revoke role you will need to use the respective role actions.


I hope this helps you!

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Benjith Sam

Hi Benjith , 

 Can you please share example of oml file ? so, It can help me for easily understandable. 

Hi @Priya Kumar,

PFB screenshot. This is the aggregate (sources and joins) you have to apply to get users by role for update.

Refer attached oap file

Thanks, Aadhavan S


Hi A S,

I want to fetch records of users name and as per assigned multiple roles so, how I can retrieve roles list inside table .

Hi @Priya Kumar,

I have attached oap for you requirement. 

Thanks, Aadhavan S


Hello Priya Kumar,
you can use Filter in the aggregate..

You can see in your Aggregate Role, there are several role and how to retrieve it just use the filters
Role.Name = "YourRoleName".

User list screen 

You can find result in user Detail screen

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