Adding columns total from an editable form and formatting to two decimals
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I am trying to add totals from a Form as shown below but do not know how, it only adds the first record: 

I also need to format the VAT column to two decimals. I am new to Outsystems and on the Reactive course, please assist. Also attached is the .oml file for your reference. 


Hello Lebohang ,

I was able to implement something that checks all your requirements.

You should install this component which allows you to mask input in Reactive.

I will leave the Oml attached so you can check it out. 

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário



Sorry for the late reply. I have done what you asked for but it is not working. The VAT is not calculating.

If you follow  my oml you should be able to get it to work 🙂

For the first question, the total amount should be summed up everywhen your records' amount changes. Outsystems cannot make it automatically :). Therefore, I think you should create a client action to recalculate the record list everywhen the record's amount changed

For the second question, you can use FormatCurrency to achieve it. it is just for showing your total on UI, the value should still be currency or decimal. Please find the below example for more info
FormatCurrency(123456, "$", 2, ",", ".") = "$123,456.00"

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