[Google reCAPTCHA Web] recaptcha challenge does not display when using our application external url
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Hello team,

We have a traditional web app using Google reCaptcha web

The reCapcha works fine inside our network


and we can force the challenge to appear using dev tools:

The App is then exposed externally and can be accessed via a different url


In this case we see the reCaptcha icon on the bottom right corner but the challenge does not appear

Do you have any idea why this might be the case?

Many thanks,


Hi Andy Cody,

It is the issue with Unmatched Site key and Secret key.
Configure New Site/Secret Keys for your https://outsystems-external-url/ourapp -- Domain on the Google Developers Account Page.

Use those ones for your External link, Better to Use these as Site properties.

Hope This Works!!

Thanks for the response @Varada Rajan 

The secret key is configured for both domains, are you suggesting we need a new secret key for the 

external domain? 

is there some known issue with using the same secret key for multiple domains?

thanks again 


yes, the keys are Domain Specific. When your domain changes, you need to configure new pair of keys specific to that Domain!

Varada Rajan

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