When will Mobile Apps Build Service(MABS) support iOS 16 ?

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Hi all, Apple just announced the iOS 16 version yesterday. I would like to know when MABS will release a new version to support iOS 16? Usually how long it would take to release the supported iOS 16?



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Normally, OutSystems will support a new iOS or Android version in OutSystems MABS as soon as they are officially released. OutSystems has not yet release any information about a new MABS version to support iOS 16 and Android 13. I have passed your questions to OutSystems, and will update this thread if they reply.

On the following page you can keep track of MABS versions and which iOS/Android versions they support.


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Thanks, @Daniël Kuhlmann
We're currently in the process of assessing breaking changes for the new iOS 16 and Android 13. You can expect that by the time these two versions reach GA, the latest MABS version will be able to build apps working on both versions.

In parallel, we're also working on a new major MABS version (MABS 9) which will target the new SDKs for iOS 16 and Android 13 and this will be released by the end of the year. 

Thank you for your information, may I know would MABS 7.2 support iOS 16?

I have many Mobile Apps using MABS 7.2, if 7.2 does not support iOS16, I need to upgrade all of my apps to MABS 8.1 or 9, this would take a huge effort...


MABS7.2 is already deprecated, so it will not support newer iOS or Android versions.

Just like Daniel mentioned, it will not support iOS 16. We recommend you to always update to the latest MABS version, not only because it supports the latest operating systems, but also for security and performance improvements. 

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