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This is my first time to use google map, and it's not working as expected, so i need help. 

The design is very simple. It's just to show address once you press the search button after you input address in the input text. 

I have set up "Address (Local Variable)" in the "Center" of the map properties, however, the screen shows the default address which is Boston after searching address. 

I would like to know any wrong/missing set up for this screen. 

Thank you very much in advance ;)

Hi, @Laura Fidalgo 

Thank you very much for your comment! 

Actually I've already read and followed the article steps, but did not work, so I created the screen without using the markers first. 

I tried using markers again and still did not work with these steps. Could you please tell me what is wrong in my setting?

Thank you very much! 


Hey @Hako ,

No problem!

I can see that you're using just the city. Have you tried using full address or coordinates?

@Laura Fidalgo 

Okay, full address did not work but coordinates worked as you said. Thank you^^

Which means I have to use always coordinates, not text based address, right? 

No problem, happy to help!

I believe so. If you read the input's description, it has coordinates as examples

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