when I login, the name is updated to null
Platform Version
11.13.1 (Build 31652)

I use the SAML2.0 Authentication, when I login to an application, the name and email columns in the tabossys_User are updated to null.

Why and how the name and email columns are updated? And when update, what is the original data?

Under what circumstances will the data be updated?

Hi R R,

Set all the claims while configuring SAML2.0 SSO in OutSystems IDP and in Azure SSO application. So that the other fields are captured automatically while login. 

Refer attribute names in below link for Claims URL.


Thanks, Aadhavan S

Hi,A S

Thank you very much!

I  had set the configuration, and when I registered the user , the user name and mail is no problem, but when I logged in, the name and mail are updated to null.

When are name and email of the user table updated?

I think there has a update of Last_Login column, but I can not find it.
Does anyone know that?

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