Why a single mailbox?


My question considers the configuration of sending mails. As far as I know, OS allows to declare only one mailbox, that is then used by all applications. It includes also the case of multitenant applications.

I can see some disadvantages of this solution (in contrary to a solution, where many mailboxes can be declared and used by different applications and different tenants):

  • in many cases mailboxes are provided by the target organization; in the case of multitenant application(s) it is impossible
  • even if it is a single-tenant environment and the whole environment is the property of a single organization, a user, that has full access to the configured mailbox, can see outcoming letters from all users of all applications working on this environment

In both cases it leads to the possibility of too wide access to sensitive data.

First: maybe I'm wrong and I don't know something?

Second: if not, do you know why OS has chosen such restrictive solution? From the technical point of view, would it be really so hard and complicated to implement the flexible solution?



Hi Tomasz, 

I think your assumption is wrong. In the configuration screen you can set the Default email address and sender name. 

However in Service Studio, when creating the emails, you can set the "from" mail address here: 

So i don't think you will run into this limitation as the "From" address can be specified either statically but also dynamically from for example a table in the database.


Yes but a given mailbox can:

  • allow sending mails as any other sender
  • allow sending mails as predefined alias
  • disallow sending mails as a different sender

And in any case it is in fact sent by the main mailbox and only pretending it is sent by another.

So, it doesn't solve the described issues.



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