Why CSS is not applied on my application

I can't see the classes which are copied to my theme is suddenly not working, even newly added classes is not working.

but i can see the CSS from the service studio, when i'm inspecting on the browser is not working, 

Can you upload your oml or give screenshot so that we can check further?

This is the Example CSS with the parent classes on the theme

This is the parent class for the Issue screen:

Only outsystems class is applied and the common classes on the theme is applying


when I'm clicking on the parent class in the service studio its navigating to the theme

Not sure if I understand you issue, but it seems to me that your a defining a class in a web block? If that is the case you must read CSS Specificity here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Look_and_Feel/Cascading_Style_Sheets_(CSS)#css-specificity

This will give you a better idea which class be applied depending where did you define them.

Otherwise, is it possible you create oml that will demonstrate the issue.

Hope this helps in any way.



Hi @TLokeshKumar

  Please attached your OML file or create a new theme and write the CSS code under the newly created theme

and then apply or use I think it's working 


Ved Narayan

Hi @Vednarayan 

 sorry i can't attach the OML here, this issue is occur when publishing theme, some of the class is applying, only the classes that are applied with the parent classes.  


as i understand your css is not working but if u attached oml then i can suggest you actual problem but right now i can just advised please insept your ui and look your css is calling on that or not ...


Also experienced the same from my previous project (At least I hope we have the same scenario).

What we did is we created a solution that includes modules of the application then we published the solution.

After that, all things are back to normal. 

Maybe your application just need some REFRESH :) 

Hope this works with you


Hi Lokesh,

Please go through this post for CCS order https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/20463/how-to-control-css-load-order/#Post79895


Shashikant Shukla

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