Forge: Product Updates (June ‘22)

Hey, everyone! We'd like to share the last couple of Forge updates delivered during this month. Hope you like it!

  1. Ask for a Trusted badge and boost your producer reputation

Are you helping the Community build apps faster by adding new assets to Forge?

Do your assets deliver their promised functionality and are built based on best practices? If so, you can now request your deserved Trusted badge directly on your assets profile page! 

A trusted asset has, on average, 14x more installations than other assets without curation, so this is an excellent opportunity to raise your profile among OutSystems customers and encourage them to use your content!!

Because we value your commitment to ensuring high-quality content in Forge, you’re getting +30 community points instead of the usual +10 for each trusted badge you get! 

Oh… and of course, this change was retroactive to those who already own a Trusted component on Forge! Congratulations!

Check the trusted badge requirements and boost your component's reputation now

  1. Zoom in on preview pictures

You can now zoom in on preview pictures while discovering new Forge assets! @Rui Felix‘s idea inspired this improvement! Thank you, Rui, and keep the ideas coming!

  1. Help us build a better product!

Because we care about your Forge user experience, we have added a feature for submitting feedback directly to our team. You can give us feedback at the speed of light, and we are always listening, looking for ways to help keep you happy and productive. Get started by telling us how you feel!


We hope you enjoy these Forge improvements, and we’re always open to hearing your ideas regarding how we can be even better! 

Let us know you thoughts on this. 

Wish you a nice week,


Thanks for the update!



that's nice ,,,....

Cool! Thanks for sharing.

Great !

Cool features! The feedback feature will work only for forge components developed by OutSystems team or will it work for other components as well which were developed by other community members?

Hi, Sachin! Thanks for your comment. The feedback feature is the submit feedback channel for Forge itself. Users can submit their satisfaction and leave messages with ideas, improvements, or bugs. We want to be closer to our users, so our Forge product team will pay attention to all your messages and act upon them. 

This feedback channel can be found both in Forge Web and Service Studio.

Thanks for the update

Good ! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Great...!!! Thanks for the update.

Great update!

Thanks for updates!!

Really great update

Thanks for this update!

This is a good one. Thanks for the update.


Really nice features.

thanks for update


Thanks for sharing

Nice features.

Wonderful! Keep it coming!! 

Thank you all for your comments!

Keep the feedback coming in the Submit feedback button found in Forge! Or you can leave an Idea to check the community traction! 

We're listening and want to keep improving! 

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks for sharing

Nice. Thanks for sharing!

Great, Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the update

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