How to make case sensitive Username for login ?
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i am design new user registration screen. when i enter username it take SHASHI or shashi both as same username.

i want to make case sensitive username.

any one can suggest answer or any hint.

thanks in advance

Hi Shashi Mishra,

If Caps is on you can throw warning and even if user puts the CAPITAL  usrename or any combination you use:

You can user ToLower() to compare the username.



Hi shashi

if you have check this  document you will find this contains



Hello Shashi,

 You can create a User Extended Entity and adapt your log-in flow to your necessities. 

Check this post about How to add extra logic to Users' login.

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário

hello shashi

You can anyway create you user name and password with any upper case or lowercase latter but for further varification for case sensitivity you can add validation on the text bar of login screen and as well as do changes in the login action for the case sensitivity


You can use ToLower() to validate the user name and also have a look on this link.. 




Hi Shashi,

Why do you have the requirement to have case-sensitive usernames?

Most identity access systems like AzureAD are also not case-sensitive, they are however case aware, meaning the typed upper and lowercase characters will be stored as typed.



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