[InjectHTML] Opening Links from within HTML block
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11.15.0 (Build 34858)

Hi all,

I have some html stored in a database, which is retrieved and displayed in the app using the InjectHTML asset.

Some of the HTML content has links in it...

When I link to web pages in Android, it works ok. When I link to PDF's though, they do not load.

When I link to web pages or PDF's in iOS, they load fine but there is no back button or toolbar so there is no way to navigate away from the item. 

How can I fix this, please?

Thank you

Hi all,

I'm still struggling to solve this problem.

I'd be very grateful for any direction.

Thank you

Here is a recent example where I wrote a little application that keeps track of wordle scores and averages.  In order to get out the averages in the format I want, I generate ALL of them in a little HTML table.  Here's the architecture for how it all works.  

You can see that you have total flexibility in what HTML you can inject into the application, or even full generation of the HTML on the fly before it's injected.

Have Fun!

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