Date picker - Restrict the specifc list of dates.
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Hello Outsystem team, currently i stucked using date picker, The question is, how to restrict the list of specific dates in outsystem date picker, I applied in min date to restrict the date. Its working fine only but my requirement is, for ex: The specific user save has 5 jul --- 10 jul and the date picker of min date is restrict while the same user, like 11 jul --- 15 jul, its good for me, but if user Inactive the first date,the date will not release while creating a new for the specific same user, it's from date is starting from the 16 jul. please help me to solve.

Hi Murugan,

You can try below configuration in datepicker.

For example, 5 jul --- 10 jul 

MinDate  = 10 jul

MaxDate = 5 jul

OptionalConfigs.MinDate (DateTime): OptionalAll days before this date are disabled.
OptionalConfigs.MaxDate (DateTime): OptionalAll days after this date are disabled.

Thanks @Aravind M, for your reply, sorry Aravind your reply is not matching my requirement is interval dates need to restrict, for ex: 5 jul --- 10 jul  need to disable, and 11 jul  -- 15 jul need to enable. and 16 jul --  20 jul is to be disable , 21 jul -- 25 jul to enable. and so on. These date data is getting from database.

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