Reducing number of users on application

Would like outside opinion on reducing the number of users we have on our application.

There currently about 101,000 users and would like to reduce it anywhere below 80,000 users.

Our thought was to reduce the users who have not logged in maybe 1-2 years from the current date. Or, remove the users who created an account on our application but never really used it or created a profile. 



Well If there is no dependency then You can look out and checks t for any user accounts that have not changed their passwords the last six months, or if you have some attributes that save the login date compare and then  remove those accounts from Active list, think soft delete is a good option and you can trigger a email to them, with the message regarding removal of account and when you send them email, if they came back then good to go , if not then wait for 10-15 days and delete them, but I think best approach id to not delete any user just mark them as inactive.

If it is mainly to reduce the inactive users for licensing as opposed to physically cleaning up users and data then what we do is run a monthly timer job which checks for any user who has not logged in within the last x days and set the user to inactive. 

You can then also provide a way to allow that user to reactivate if required. For example if the login fails check to see if it is associated with a disabled user and go through the appropriate workflow to request reactivation. You can even make that time dependent, for example they can reactivate if the account was used within the last 6 months but not if it is older. You will probably however want to store a status in another entity so that you can tell if a user was deactivated due to inactivity or if it was deactivated by an administrator, you wouldn't want to have users you deliberately disable to keep reactivating themselves :)

That reduces licensing without physically deleting the user and linked records as well as improving security by disabling unused users.

One issue to be careful of with this approach is what happens if you try to create a new user with the same username as a disabled user. That will effectively block the ability to reactivate the old user.

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