PushWoosh Integration Problem "Pushwoosh plugin is not present or not loaded"
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11.53.2 (Build 60565)

I'm trying to integrate my mobile application (No PWA, native IOS application with development certificate) with Pushwoosh. Upon user login, when I try to register the device I get the following error message in debug session: "Pushwoosh plugin is not present or not loaded". I can not find a solution to this problem in forums. Does anyone have an idea on what to do in this situation?


Hello there,

Have you used the "CheckPushwooshPlugin" action to verify if the plugin is loaded ?

Also are you debugging on the Device itself? 

You can check this post. Talks about a possible bug on IOS : https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/75553/registerdevice-not-working-in-ios-according-to-documentation-how-i-fixed-it/

Best Regards,

Miguel Amado

Have you re-installed the app on your device since you included Pushwoosh? Since you're using a new plugin, the app will be regenerated and you have to install the app on your phone again, otherwise it won't work properly.

If that's not it, following my thread that Miguel linked, you should try adding the PushwooshNotifications wb to the screen where you're calling RegisterDevice, making sure to fill in the FCMSenderId input in the wb.

I have re-installed the app and I stopped receiving the error message that the plug-in is not present. Also the Check Pushwoosh Plugin returns IsAvailable. But now,  register device action just hangs in the air without any output as you have stated in your document (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/75553/registerdevice-not-working-in-ios-according-to-documentation-how-i-fixed-it/)

So I will try to fill in the FCMSenderID input in the wb. You mentioned that you had to create a project in Firebase. I can only develop things using OutSystems, so how can I do the same in IOS environment?

You could first try to pass a random value to the FCMSenderID input and see if that works (I didn't test this because I already had a FCMSenderID anyway). I'm not sure if it hangs because the value is empty or if it actually checks if the value is valid.

If you really need a FCMSenderID, then this is the tutorial you need to follow: https://docs.pushwoosh.com/platform-docs/manage-projects/project-configuration/configure-android-platform

There's no iOS version of that tutorial because in theory, it's only necessary for Android, so just follow it exactly like they explain, as if you were setting it up for Android.

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