[Ultimate PDF] Trying to delay the print of a page
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I am using the reactive version of this component and I am trying to delay the print of the page because I have Web blocks rendering charts and some information is not ready when the screen is printed.
I am using two client actions available on the component, where I use IsReadyForCapture when all charts are rendered

But I am getting a timeout waiting for selector 'body:not(.ultimate-pdf-is-not-ready)' failed: timeout 30000 ms exceeded 

Any ideas on how I can increase this value or if there is other solution?


Hi Sara Rodrigues ,

you can use " sleep" forge component to delay your execution for as long time as you want.

It take a input parameter integer data type    

you provide input as Millisecond  like 1 sec= 1000ms

Sleep forge component link:



Hi Sara. You will need to detect when the chart has fully rendered, and at that moment invoke the action IsReadyForCapture.

Ideally the chart would expose an event that is triggered when the chart was rendered. But if that is not the case, you could try a solution using window.setInterval() and checking if the chart has rendered every 100ms, and if so, call IsReadyForCapture.

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