Index out of bounds from JS logger

 at t.checkIndex (https://MYURL/scripts/OutSystems.js?UjsmaaiqJAZq+3CsH05pUw:6:13085)

    at t.internalGetItem (https://MYURL/scripts/OutSystems.js?UjsmaaiqJAZq+3CsH05pUw:6:17716)

    at t.getItem (https://MYURL/scripts/OutSystems.js?UjsmaaiqJAZq+3CsH05pUw:6:17643)

    at React.createElement.React.createElement.placeholders.column2 [as renderPlaceholder]


from log 

Hi, Do you have some more information, e.g. the oml?

it could be that you are using brackets [], e.g. [1] for a list that contains only 1 record. Check the logic around the column2.

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