[Camera Plugin] Plugin not working on Desktop browsers (and Firefox mobile)
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Before the latest OutSystemsUI update the CameraPlugin also worked on desktop browser (Chrome/Firefox/Edge).
By default CameraPlugin (on the desktop ) opened the "ChooseFile" system default fileselector, to add a file (instead of the camera).

Unfortunately this is not the case anymore. When calling the TakePicture action (or using the provided button) nothing happens or is triggered. And also when using the "ChooseImage" action nothing happens, except for the error shown in the attachement below.

(We have also seen, that the same issue occurs on Firefox mobile!)

Schermafbeelding 2022-07-07 163600.png



I think Camera Plugin is using cordova based plugin, so this mean that camera cannot opened on browsers, only on mobile apps. (This is the cordova source : https://github.com/OutSystems/cordova-plugin-camera#4.2.0-OS37)

If you want the camera can be opened by browsers, then I suggest searching on the forge with type "Reactive"

Hi Toto,

The fallback mechanism for this OS Camera plugin always has been the standard browser feature. Suddenly this functionality is broken on some browsers (as I said in my previous post).

And as this plugin claims to be supported on PWA's it still feels like a 'bug' that the browser fallback isn't working all the time (in every browser)!
See "This plugin works with both native mobile apps and progressive web apps (PWAs)....."
Source: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Extensibility_and_Integration/Mobile_Plugins/Camera_Plugin

I will not consider a 'third party' alternative as this plugin is essential for our solution and therefore is suppose to be working regardless of the app's form.





Just notice that in the documentation ^_^.

But from what I found on the code :

ChooseGalleryPicture Client action if it not native, it'll do nothing.

And the block ChooseImage, if not native, then showing error

But TakePicture Client action, do take picture using javascript

But if you use block TakePicture, if not native, then show error

So maybe you need to use client action and not block for this.

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