[Input Mask Reactive] Input mask reactive not working with decimal
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Forge component by Steven Decock

Hi I would like to ask what settings will I put in the properties in order to format my input with decimal.

I also want to get the total of those formatted input. I am using the input mask reactive from forge. 

Hello Rasiki, I have changed the settings you sent  and discovered that this worked for me. 

Hello Nica,

In below discussion there is one OML file you can take reference from it.



Ajit Kurane

Hi Ajit ,

this is a good widget. However, it is not supported in my current version(Version 11.53.6). The only available for us is that Input Mask Reactive.

Thank you 


Hi Nica,

As per the screenshot that you have provided here. You are scaling the format up to 2 digits after the radix. 

So, I would suggest you to use this settings to mask your inputs. 

And for getting total of those inputs Make the inputs variable Datatype as a decimal.

I hope this will works.

Best Regards,


Hi Rasika, 

thank you for reply. It did allow decimal places, but still it doesn't format the input with a comma separator. I did exactly your instruction.  Am I missing something here?

Thank you,


Hi @Nica Angelique Vito Cruz ,

Sorry for the late reply. If you're still stuck with the problem then see the below explanation. 

In ThousandsSeparator property use this --> "," 

then it will format the input with comma separator as shown in the below.

I hope this will helps you.



Hi @Nica Angelique Vito Cruz 

Could you please provide a sample OML so that I can review it to resolve this issue.



Hello Rasiki, I have changed the settings you sent  and discovered that this worked for me. 

Hi mica,

I am glad that it worked for you.

Happy low coding :-)

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Hello Rasika, 

I did this , but whenever the input reaches to thousands it clears out the input. It only permits hundreds.



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