Popup window as a warning

Popup window as a warning


I would luke to list already existing contacts with the same surename in a popup window as a warning as soon as you have entered a surename.
here is an example:
  popup window example Now i can see who is in the database and wheter the person i want to add already exist in the database. i hope someone can help me. Best regards Thomas de bruijne
Hi Thomas, 

for that behaviour I would suggest you to use the autocomplete widget. If The name/surname exists you simply update the attributes, otherwise you create the new contact.

Hi Thomas.

You could have in that list in a container, using the onchange property of that text input widget. and when you change the surname you make a query to the DB and refresh the list of the users that you want.

If you need more help on that I can provide you a sample OML.. just ask for it.

Carlos Rocha
Okay thanks for your help
Hi Carlos

if you could send me the sample OML would be nice. I'll try it with an example

Thomas de bruijne
Hi Thomas,
Check this sample and let me know if this fits your needs, I can change this to be a more suitable sample, you just need to ask

Carlos Rocha
Hi Carlos,

I tried to insert a new user with the same name. But I can,t see a warning/popup window after the name input field, when will the message shown?
before saving or clicking on save?

Thomas de Bruijne