updating issue working with a forged cordova plugin

I have a problem forking an existing Cordova plugin. I debugged with chrome inspector and show me that nothing is updating. The plugin is still using the original GitHub Cordova plugin. 

This is the original plugin:  https://github.com/gustavomazzoni/cordova-plugin-tesseract 

This is my forked version: https://github.com/davidgonzalezpando/plugin-tesseract-letsgodigital 

I changed the plugin xml: 

I changed the id of the plugin with a new one "plugin-tesseract-letsgodigital" and also, I changed the android package value with a new one "com.dgp.cordova.TesseractPlugin" also the reference in the Java file with the new one. 

I generated a new package.json with the tool plugman. I added alert('hello") inside recognizeTest with the only purpose to check if the app is updating my changes 

 I tried the plugin in an empty Cordova project only doing and alert of recognizeTest function, everything is working as expected, the alert is showing alert('hello') inside the function. 

Next, I created using the template plugin, a plugin with my forked version called plugin Tesseract. I tested first targeting to GitHub and then using a zip file. I uninstalled the app in my mobile and I updated the plugin, I updated the app that call the plugin and deployed the app again and then I reinstalled the app. Nothing is updating inside. I don't why the app is still using the original plugin.  

I'm a bit desperate with this. Can someone help me, I would really appreciate it.

Any ideas? I have the same issue with other cordova plugin. It is frozen with any updates 

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